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News and Updates

News and Updates


A link between growers, the marketing company and the packing house directly from AgroTalk


Special developments are adapted to the customer’s needs with priority APIs

Computerized packaging distribution in Tali Moshav Lakish grapes

Customer order system in Granot – Marlog


Innovations in AgroTalk – a link to enter data directly from the grower to Agropriority


A new interface for receiving receipt and delivery certificates from packing houses and customers in Israel and abroad
  • Automatic receipt of deliveryThe new interface allows the reception of certificates of different types according to the settings in the systemfor example:

  •  certificates from a warehouse abroad

  • Receipt of receipt certificates from a packaging company that works in a different computer system

The data is entered into an intermediate table for auditing and from there certificates are opened in the system



Interface with the Ministry of Agriculture – the plant protection services

Working from Agropriority directly against the computer system of the plant protection servers.

The interface allows opening of an order, transmission of pallets for the order/work plan and transmission of a delivery certificate.

A new module brings together all the invoices from the customs agents into one convenient screen for work.

The interface also includes the reception of PDF files and their incorporation into the invoice in the system.

The new interface already supports a significant part of the customs offices and we are adding data reception from additional customs offices upon request.

Even those already working in the old interface with customs officials are advised to upgrade to the new interface.

A new interface with customs officials

Work module against BT9.

The module enables data transmission of containers and sensors directly from Agropriority to the BT9 portal



AgroQC application for quality control and questionnaires

The system allows building questionnaires within Agropriority. The questionnaires are displayed in the application and are interactive with the system.

The questionnaires include different types of questions such as impressive choice, location, taking pictures and more.


Sending messages to growers using AgroTalk
Transmission of information directly from Agropriority to the towers through an application available for Android and iPhone devices.
The information can be of different types such as: quality controls, purchase orders, notifications, notification of various processes as well as information
Added custom according to the customer’s requirement.